Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to be a good swimmer?

No, you just need to know how to float the basics and not be afraid. Learning surfing is not dangerous, all the instructors are rescuers, the equipment is special for beginners and we also provide life vests to give you more confidence.

What should I bring?

Pukana surfing gives you all the equipment to surf, you will only need some personal items such as towel, suncream and a bathing suit or extra dry underwear to change. Also if you want bring a bottle of water to hydrate.

How do I get there?

Add directions to Garretstown......

What should I eat before surfing?

A good diet is recommended at least 40 minutes before taking the class. If you do not have enough time it is better to eat something light but not enter without having eaten.

Is there any place to store my things?

Yes, we have a super safe place for your stuff but we recommend you bring everything together in a bag or backpack so you do not drop anything.

Do you accept cash or credit card on the beach?

You can pay upon arrival. We recommend Cash payments because it is the cheapest. You can book lessons in advance using this site in the booking section.

For Bookings

Phone Carlos:

086 199 8959